November 27, 2017

Rep Teams

Scarborough Titans Rep Teams compete in the Ontario Volleyball Association and beyond. Titans coaches are NCCP trained and many bring a wealth of experience from both coaching and playing in high performance environments including varsity programs, national & provincial teams, and international competition.

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Girls Teams

18U. Head coach Mark Heese. Assistant coaches Christophe Elek & Sophie Bukovec.

17U Performance Indoor. Head Coach Blair Mackintosh. Assistant coaches Dana Cooke, Rod Humana, Kamila Haase, & Eddy Jun.

17U Integrated (Indoor & Beach). Head coach Fraser McIntosh. Assistant coach Sophie Bukovec.

16U. Head coach Andrew D’Angelo. Assistant coaches Carley McIntosh, Jeff Easby, & Nadia Gregoire.

16U Elevation. Head coach Kevin Sherrif. Assistant coach Anna Dunn-Suen.

15U Eclipse. Head coach Tony Vella.

15U Spectrum. Head coach Sue Ting Wong.

14U Fusion. Head coach Karin Serre. Assistant coaches Patricia Galanis & Emma Finley.

13U Menace. Head coach Jason McCrudden.

13U United. Head coach Danny Masters.

12U Rogue. Head coach Jason McCrudden.

12U Alliance. Head coach Fraser McIntosh.

Boys Teams

Boys team coordinator Josh Nichol helps to lead our boys programs.

18U Boys. Head coach Chris Spyridis.

16U Boys. Head coach Peter Wright. Assistant coach Bronson Chu.

15U Boys. Head coach Josh Nichol.